Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is West Quoddy Station?

A: West Quoddy is the Easternmost Point in Continental United States, the most northern point in Downeast Maine, the Best of the Bold Coast. Overlooking both Islands of Campobello and Grand Manan in New Brunswick, Canada, West Quoddy Head is in the town of Lubec, north of Machias, east of Eastport and south of Calais, Maine.

A: 44 deg. 49 min 4 Sec North Latitude
66 deg. 57 min 56 Sec West Longitude

Q: How long does it take to get there?

In terms of pure driving time, West Quoddy is 2-2 1/2 hours from Bangor, 4 hours from Portland, 6 hours from Boston, 10 from NYC. The nearest commercial airport is in Bangor.

Q: What’s there to do?

A: Relax and enjoy the Bold Coast of Maine. Choose from hiking, bicycling, kayaking, birding, lighthouses, whale watching, puffin boat trips, beaches, museums, art, music and more. In less than 10 minutes, you can be on Campobello Island, New brunswick, Canada and visit Roosevelt International Park. Please remember when visiting Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada that Campobello is in the Atlantic Time Zone which is 1 hour ahead of the United States. Ex. 1PM US = 2PM Canada. A Passport Book or Passport Card is required to return to the USA.

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Q: How can I get more information and make a reservation?


Please email:

or call: 1-877-535-4714 Toll Free

Q: Which lighthouses are nearby?

A:West Quoddy Light and the Channel Light in Lubec, East Quoddy Light and Mulholland Light are across the bridge at Customs on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Little River Lighthouse in Cutler Harbor requires a boat trip.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:Refunds are given up to 1 week before arrival. A full refund is given for deposits made by check. For deposits made by credit card, a 5% banking fee will be charged.

Q: When is High/Low Tide, Sunrise/Sunset?

A: Please use these Lubec Tide Tables Go to Tides > Downeast > Lubec and select Month.

Monthly Tide Tables are posted on the bulletin board in the Lodge.

A: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes, your pets are welcome as they usually are good traveling companions and arrive with a caring owner. We ask that you bring a bed or blanket for your pet, keep your pet off of the beds and sofa and to please clean and sweep up after your pet. This helps our housekeeping staff prepare for our next guests. $10/day, $50/week.

Q: How about smoking and fires?

A:No smoking or candles in the buildings. Also, there are no fireplaces or wood stoves. There is a small propane table grill, please ask.

Q: Can you go swimming?

A:Usually, the locals answer this question with a laconic “why?” The water is cold with currents up to 15 knots with a 20’ tide change twice a day. There are many accessible beaches, perfect for fine views, picking up sea glass and general beach combing. A 5 minute walk [1/2 mile] down the road there is access to a beautiful, horseshoe shaped ,mile long, sand beach. PS. In the summer, the locals go inland to swim at their lake camps, “goin’ upta’ camp”.

Q: What do I need to cross the border to Canada?

A: Effective June 1, 2009 a PASSPORT BOOK or PASSPORT CARD will be required to cross between the USA and CANADA. [Lubec, Maine - Campobello, New Brunswick]. For an expedient and pleasant crossing experience, please consider a smile, no hat, no sunglasses. Children under 18 need a birth certificate if traveling with both parents while a single parent needs a notarized release from the other parent. Current vaccination papers are required for pets. A smile, no sun glasses at the gate and a basically empty vehicle will help the process. You will be asked where you live, where you are staying and if you have tobacco, firearms, alcohol and any gifts or goods that you will be leaving across the border. Border crossings are at Lubec/Campobello and Calais/St. Stephen.

Q: Where can I eat?

A: There is a good choice and variety of restaurants in the village of Lubec [5 miles] and on Campobello [local, the Island, “go ovah' th' Island”]. There is a newly expanded, well stocked supermarket as well as several convenience stores, all with deli’s. Beer, wine and liquor are sold 7 days a week.

Q: Where can I buy lobsters?

A: At The Wharf, 69 Johnson St., overlooking Johnson Bay and Eastport, in Lubec.

Q:What are the hours of church services?


Seventh Day Adventist Has moved to Whiting Worship 9:00 AM Saturday Prayer Meeting 6:30 PM Wednesday

Christian Temple Church Main Street, Lubec Worship 11:00 AM Sunday

First Congregational Church At Main & Church, Lubec Service 11:00 AM Sunday

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Church Street, Lubec Mass 4:00 PM Saturday

St. Timothys RC Campobello Mass 4:00 PM Saturday [Atlantic Time]

Holy Name RC Machias Mass 8:30 AM Sunday

United Methodist Church Rt. 189, West Lubec Service 4:00 PM Sunday

First Assembly of God Rt. 189, Lubec Worship 10:30 AM Sunday

Ridge Baptist Church Rt. 189 & N. Lubec Rd., Worship 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM Sunday and 7:00 PM Wednesday

Friends Meeting Just beyond Whiting town line on Rt. 189 Worship from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


2 Nights
2 Lobsters

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Features The Quoddy Room for weddings and functions, Quoddy Store, reception and Office.



A private unit built as a 1849 Cape Cod lifesaving building is now available for rental now with 2 queen beds, gally kitchen and all.
WQS amenities. Fine views.


Effective June 1, 2009 a PASSPORT BOOK or PASSPORT CARD will be required to cross between the USA and CANADA.

[Lubec, Maine - Campobello, New Brunswick].

For Americans planning to go to Canada click here

Effective November 16, 2009 on Rt.1 above Milltown.
Yankee Magazine Editors' Choice
Quoddy Head Station - Best Coast Guard Rescue

Credit Bill Clark for rescuing the abandoned and deteriorating Quoddy Head Life-Saving Station, located within walking distance of the historic candy-striped West Quoddy Light.

The bluff top, ocean-view property now accommodates guests in an overnight cabin, four-apartment lodge, and four-bedroom Station House.