West Quoddy Head, starting at Quoddy Head Station, is a destination in itself, offering spectacular views of Lubec, Eastport and Campobello with two lighthouses in the distance. Eagles, birds and seals abound. All around, one can see fishing boats harvest lobsters, scallops, sea urchins and clammers dig at low tide.

At the QHS driveway entrance, a casual ten minute walk to the east brings you to Quoddy Head State Park. Quoddy Head Light, with its red and white tower and Lighthouse Keepers House is an international destination. The park provides fine views of Grand Manan, great birding, occasional visits by whales and seals. There are 4.5 miles of maintained trails and two arctic bogs. Turning right at QHS’s entrance, a ten minute walk brings you to the Quoddy Head isthmus with Carrying Place Cove on the left. The Cove has a mile of sand beach and was the site of the original 1874 US Lifesaving Service Station. It is the terminus of two of Quoddy Head State Park’s trails. Directly across the QHS entrance is a steep trail that terminates, after five minute aerobic walk, at the 1919 US Coast Guard Tower. Originally, the tower was manned an enclosed lookout by the Coast Guard for 360° coastal observation. The tower now terminates in a locked off platform that is in active use for USCG communication and solarization. From Quoddy Head Station, take a five minute car ride to Boot Cove Road to hike the oceanside trails of Hamilton Cove Preserve. Continue to the end of Boot Cove Rd., turn left at Dixie and go on scenic SR 191 to Cutler. There are fine hiking trails at Cutler and cruise boats to Machias Seal Island, known for its rare puffins, birding and views of the Bold Coast. Downtown Lubec offers parks, museums, galleries and a fine walking tour around its historic peninsula. Water St. offers a close up view of Mulholland Light and the Roosevelt International Memorial Bridge to Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada. Seals can be seen frolicing in the whitewater as the 20´-28' tide changes twice daily.

Please remember when visiting Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada that Campobello is in the Atlantic Time Zone which is 1 hour ahead of the United States. Ex. 1PM US = 2PM Canada. A Passport Book or Passport Card is required to return to the USA.

The highlight of Campobello is the Roosevelt Campobello International Park with Roosevelt’s Cottage and miles of hiking trails and a sand beach. At the far end of the Island is East Quoddy Light, accessible by a quick walk at low tide. Please check Lubec Tide Tables which are in US time. All throughout Campobello are miles of scenic roads with clear views of the US and Canadian mainland, bays and ocean. Whale watching is offered from Campobello and there is a ferry to Eastport, ME.

From Lubec to Eastport on Rt 1, Cobscook Bay State Park has a boat ramp for your kayak, canoe, sailboat or pleasure boat. Further along, at Pembroke is the famous Reversing Falls. In a boat from Eastport, you can see the Old Sow Whirlpool near Deer and Cherry Islands, New Brunswick. Eastport is well worth a day trip, only 10 minutes by boat from Lubec. Be sure to bring your camera, the photography is great! The area is unbelievably scenic with fabulous views, lighthouses, as well as eagles, sea birds, moose, deer, bear, fox, porcupine and more, Photograph fishing boats in the harbor, salmon pens, islands, deep water and military ships.

West Quoddy Head and Lubec are relatively flat, perfect for cycling and hiking. The area offers golf, sailboat charters, fishing and excellent scuba diving, There are numerous fairs, festivals and special events. Civic organizations and church groups offer Downeast breakfasts and suppers not to be missed.

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Features The Quoddy Room for weddings and functions, Quoddy Store, reception and Office.


A private unit built as a 1849 Cape Cod lifesaving building is now available for rental now with 2 queen beds, gally kitchen and all.
WQS amenities. Fine views.


Effective June 1, 2009 a PASSPORT BOOK or PASSPORT CARD will be required to cross between the USA and CANADA.

[Lubec, Maine - Campobello, New Brunswick].

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Effective November 16, 2009 on Rt.1 above Milltown.
Yankee Magazine Editors' Choice
Quoddy Head Station - Best Coast Guard Rescue

Credit Bill Clark for rescuing the abandoned and deteriorating Quoddy Head Life-Saving Station, located within walking distance of the historic candy-striped West Quoddy Light.

The bluff top, ocean-view property now accommodates guests in an overnight cabin, four-apartment lodge, and four-bedroom Station House.